Money Unit – Word Problem Task Cards

These word problem task cards involve creating money amounts, adding coins up to 20 cents and subtracting coins up to 20 cents.

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Money Unit – I have, Who has 

This game includes identifying coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie and toonie) and adding coins to sums of 20¢. This game follows the standard rules of “I have, Who has”. Each student is given a card and when the money amount on their card is called out, they then say “I have 25 cents, who has a dime” – each card has written and visual prompts for students to read!

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Patterning Posters with Clip-It Cards!

This freebie includes full size and half size posters for each repeating pattern;
– AB Patterns
– ABB Patterns- AAB Patterns– ABC Patterns

As a BONUS I included two blank clip-it cards for you to create for your class or to create as a class! I use these in small groups and have my students create their own clip-it challenges for each other!

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BROWN Interactive Colour Bundle!

This is a little preview of my larger bundle! I included the brown interactive book, brown workbooks (three levels) and brown cut and paste activities (with and without visuals).

The interactive book has 8 color specific images that will be matched while reading.
They are very easy to assemble and the kids love them!

The workbook come in three different variations depending on your students needs. Level 1 is tracing, level 2 is filling in the blanks and level 3 is printing the word on the line. This is a great way to start our students printing their colors. The workbooks match the interactive books – they are a great follow up activities.

There are 6 cut and paste worksheets – 3 with visual prompts and 3 without.

The cut and paste activities are also aligned with the interactive books and workbooks. They are a great follow up activities. I love using cut and paste for the added fine motor!
Very fun and easy activity for your classroom – ZERO PREP!

This bundle is great for early childhood programs, kindergarten classrooms, special education programs and autism classrooms/programs. These activities can be used daily in your classroom rotations with minimal planning!

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Same or Different

Are you teaching your students the difference between “same” and “different”? This is a great interactive way to assessment your students! I love to use this activities during centres or individual bin work!

Simply use clothes pegs, counters or a white board marker to show whether the pictures are the same or different!

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Clip-It Activity 1-10

This is a great counting activity to help reinforce simple counting from 1 – 10. This activity required minimal prep and my students absolutely adore it! All you have to do is print, cut and laminate!

I like to use clothes pegs with this activity for the added fine motor skills but you can also use markers (dry erase). You students will count the pictures on the card then mark the corresponding number. These task cards can be used during one on one instructional time, whole group activities, small group activities, centres, and independent bins.

I love clip-it activities because they focus on a number of academic and fine motor skills, they students can complete them and I can assess them later (pegs and markers can stay on the cards) and my students absolutely love them!

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