Differentiate, Differentiate, Differentiate!

My love for bundles and interactive books is growing! All of my bundles include fun engaging activities for your early learners. I wanted to give you a quick run through on the activities and the different ways I like to use them. These bundle are available in my TpT store but I thought I would give you a better understanding of all the different ways you can use the activities.

I buy a lot of fantastic products on Teachers Pay Teachers but I find that the activities I purchase are great for a few students in my class but not others. As a teacher in an ASD classroom, I need to modify and adjust all my activities. I want my classroom to be as inclusive as possible so having all my students working on similar activities with slight modifications is essential. That is my focus when creating all of my bundled activities. Within these bundles I have created the same interactive books, student workbooks, worksheets and activities but with numerous modifications! My students are all getting what looks like the same worksheet but the contents and expectations are different!

Here are just a few of the examples – if you would like to get a better idea of the products I have created and how to use them, check out my TpT store – Supporting Special Learners!!

Alphabet Posters

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There are four options for you to choose from!



Interactive Color Bundle

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Interactive books: two levels

  • With and without visual prompts

Workbooks: 5 levels for you to choose from

  • Tracing one word (color)
  • Filling in the blanks for one word (color)
  • Writing word on line (color)
  • Writing two words (color and object)
  • Writing full sentence

Cut and paste activities

  • With and without visual prompts


At The Zoo Bundle

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Interactive books: 3 levels


  • Matching picture to single word
  • Matching picture to simple sentence
  • Matching picture to detailed sentence


  • Tracing words
  • Printing words


    • Interactive book from 1-5
      • With and without visual prompts
    • Interactive book from 1-10


    • With and without visual prompts


Gumball Bundle

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Interactive color book – 3 levels

  • Matchingidentical pictures
  • Matching words to picture with color prompts
  • Matching words to pictures without color prompts

Sorting – 5 options


  • Based on colored gumball (no words just visuals)
  • Based on word with colored prompt
  • Based on word without colored prompt
  • In chart with colored prompts
  • In chart without coloured prompts

Counting Gumballs (1-10) – 2 options with variations in each

  • Using numbers
    • With and without visual prompts
  • Using words
    • With and without visual prompts

Adding gumballs to a machine (1-20)

  • Large and small versions available
  • Can you gumballs provide or a white board marker to draw gumballs in
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